Mariam Hage was born in Vienna, Austria. In an effort to lose her shyness, she participated in an acting course at her school, when she was 10 years old. There she discovered her love for acting. Throughout her school years, she continued to do theatre, even during her stay in California, where she lived for a year to perfect her English, when she was 15.

After finishing High School in Vienna, she started studying history and philosophy, before finally deciding to give it all she’s got and make a profession out of her passion. Since then she has been working on her craft and has appeared in TV, numerous short films, such as the female lead in the awarded short ADAM & ESRA by Achmed Abdel-Salam, and many music videos. She also starred in the main cast of an Austrian TV series called “TRAKEHNERBLUT” and in Germany “GESTUET HOCHSTETTEN”. As of 2021, her latest projects include guest starring roles in "BOZEN KRIMI", "SOKO LINZ", "DER ALTE" and "SOKO DONAU".

Her skills include martial arts, dancing, inline skating, poetry writing, bicycling, boxing, swimming, horseback riding, martial arts and portrait drawing.

Another passions of hers are writing, history and literature.



Nationality Austria
Residence Vienna
Living Possibilities Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg), U.K. (London), United States (New York, Cleveland, L.A., San Francisco), Canada (Montreal, Toronto), Serbia (Belgrade), Lebanon (Beirut)
Playing Range 18 - 28
Height 165 cm  (5' 5'')
Size 34/36  (S)
Hair darkbrown, curly
Eyes brown
Training Training with Prof. Dr. Jurij A. Vasiljev, Schauspielschule Krauss, private training
Languages English (fluent), German (fluent), Serbian (basic), French (basic)
Dialects Various German Dialects, Standard English
Voice Alto
Instrument Guitar (basic)
Dance Freestyle,  Ballroom Dancing (Waltz), Oriental Dance
Sport Horse-riding, yoga, different fighting systems, inline skating, boxing (beginner), ice skating, Wing Chun (beginner), MMA (beginner)
License Car driving license