I used to wish ⁣
I wouldn’t take up so much space ⁣
in my mind ⁣
my insecurities leave behind ⁣
thousand of years of being defined ⁣
by the way we look ⁣
beauty ⁣
my kind, my women ⁣
we are more than bodies,⁣
limbs and looks ⁣
afraid of everything that moves⁣
when we walk the streets ⁣
with our confidence high up ⁣
I still shake to my knees ⁣
I wish I wouldn’t give a fuck ⁣
I grieve for my sensuality, ⁣
my sex ⁣
is not an invite to please ⁣
so I earn, I fight, I fail, I work ⁣
for the right to feel safe to be me ⁣
our mouths, tongue, we speak ⁣
our hands, thighs ⁣
we reach ⁣
oh my heart, my truth can touch ⁣
my pussy grinds and rise and rise and rise ⁣
and widens my own mind ⁣
I am more than just to give a life ⁣
here it goes, my feminin, my kin ⁣
we are more ⁣
than we used to know. ⁣⁣
I love you all. ⁣⁣


©️ 2019, Mariam Hage

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