I used to wish
I wouldn’t take up so much space
in my mind
my insecurities leave behind
thousand of years of being defined
by the way we look
my kind, my women
we are more than bodies,
limbs and looks
afraid of everything that moves
when we walk the streets
with our confidence high up
I still shake to my knees
I wish I wouldn’t give a fuck
I grieve for my sensuality,
my sex
is not an invite to please
so I earn, I fight, I fail, I work
for the right to feel safe to be me
our mouths, tongue, we speak
our hands, thighs
we reach
oh my heart, my truth can touch
my pussy grinds and rise and rise and rise
and widens my own mind
I am more than just to give a life
here it goes, my feminin, my kin
we are more
than we used to know,

I love you all.


©️ 2019, Mariam Hage

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