Chapter One

He says he can imagine infinity,
I say no, but deep down I detect so
He walks on crisp thin air
So lucent, up above,
Next to me, in my head.
Strangers in raincoats walk by
I look at you
And my components sigh.
A lifetime passes by
And I find myself in Georgia
Pieces of my heart all over the continents
In Alaska, in Fiji Land.

Beauvoir takes my hand, fondles my tears
Cigarette packs & a bottle of red
Ashes in teacups, gin in golden mugs
Trucks humming & howling
Laughter, pain & lust
Cookies & cream, robotic lights,
The joker in the middle
Fleshing his opical teeth. “I’ve got my white shoes on”, he says,
While the runner gulps the cold October breeze.
I’ve got to show you this & that, epilogues, monologues, my dissertation on life, recitations, drawings & notes, ridiculous conversations.
You are penetrating my mind & my clit,
Puzzled & dazed, so many thoughts
How I wish, how I want.
My appetite, my craving for you –
Strangers in raincoats walk by
Empty swings squeaking,
I look at them & ponder
Where are you?


© Mariam Hage, 2017

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